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I Acknowledge the Freedom of Others to Make Their Own Choices

I acknowledge the freedom of others to make their own choices.

I am a loving and caring human being. I want the best for others, but I understand that each person must make their own decisions.

I make important decisions for myself and allow others to do the same. To force my will on others is to deny them the freedom they deserve.

I am comfortable giving advice and constructive criticism when asked. However, I am cautious of providing unsolicited advice.

I would rather give support and encouragement than attempt to control others. When someone makes a decision I consider to be poor, I avoid criticizing or creating doubt. Instead, I support them however I can. In such circumstances, I also understand that I may be the one that is incorrect, so I remind myself of that possibility.

I make mistakes in judgment too from time to time. Even decisions that appear to be misguided can ultimately prove to be successful. The lessons learned from incorrect choices are invaluable. Some choices only appear to be wrong and many good things can result from seemingly poor decisions. Others are free to live their lives as they see fit, just as I am.

Today, I am giving others the space and support they need to make their own decisions. I refrain from any attempts to control others. I am free from any need to judge them or their decisions.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When have I intruded on the choices others have made?

2. How do I feel when others try to influence my decisions?

3. How have I benefited from poor decisions I have made in the past?

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